A short overview about our report editor


The ranges of application are almost unlimited with this report editor. Begun by simple mailing lists over invoice forms up to effortful database evaluations with sub-reports you have an efficient, flexible tool with DReport to hand to take data to paper from almost arbitrary data origins (currently data drivers availabe for DAO, ADO, ODBC, SQL-Server, CSV and XML).


In addition, you have the possibility of converting existing Access reports in DReport report.


DReport documents are saved as independent description files (without data) (*.drp), tied OLE objects are put down in separate files (in the same folder) (*.drx). To save report design and binary data in one file, an additional compressed format (*.drz) was defined. Furthermore, snapshot of reports (print results) can be stored into export files (*.dre). To announce these files the origin data source is no longer required.

Base of DReport is the DReport Engine, you can embedd as an ActiveX Library into your project environment.


Based on the DReport Engine we offer our DReport Editor, an efficient report designer. So you can create a connection to one of the supported data source types by an easy way and choose an available record source for your report. After established a connection to the data source you will see all available record fields in the field list. You can add fields from this list by drag-and-drop.

At any time you can change between the draft and the preview windows to see the result of your report design. Some properties can be changed directly in the preview window, so can see the consequence of your changes immediately.


With our DReport Viewer you can use our free tool for printing and viewing DReport documents directly from your windows explorer. Changes to the draft of your document are not possible by this application.


You can also define report documents without bounded data source. So you can generate documents in a form, text editors are not capable. DReport is the perfect tool for you to create labels, markings and stickers.


Integrated in the DReport Editor is the DReport Expression Editor, an embedded application for the construction of complex expressions used by your report. A list of functions at the disposal with which you can execute for example text-oriented or mathematical operations stands you to it. In addition, the expression editor can be enlarged by embedded or self made functionalities.

Letzte Aktualisierung: 23/02/2008