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Working intuitively with DReport


We have leant the surface and the operation against the surface of another product consciously of the DReportEditors, that might it seem familiar to many users and because we are of the opinion, that the approach shown here is very good and a very flexible one and a creative report construction makes possible, (because not line-based).

By these surroundings it is possible e.g. to convert existing Access reports in DReport document.


In addition to the possibilities for development already perhaps known we have carried out expansions important for us in some places. So it is for example possible, lines, rectangles or name countries bar as " enlarging " and/or define "reducing bar". So much defined elements, the height of the section is adapted to automatically at the print out (preview).

We have docked the property window to the editor window so that it can conceal no more report elements and we have to carry out a possibility created, design changes (such as colouration, frame, background) directly in the report preview, the user gets the visual result of the change without the switchover between outline and preview view with that.


You can learn under the menu item functions in detail with which functions and possibilities DReport provides you.

Letzte Aktualisierung: 23/02/2008